Fredericksburg Buyer's Club - bok choi, collards, cornmeal, & more!

Happy spring (supposedly)! This week we've got a beautiful mix of greens - bok choi, salad mix, field greens, collards, and more. Our asparagus is just beginning to pop up as the weather gets warmer, so be on the lookout for that! 

Here's what we've got this week:

Arugula *limited amount* : $5/bag
Bok Choi: $3/bunch
Broccolini: $4/bunch
Collards: $4/bunch
Cornmeal (heirloom Bloody Butcher corn, finely ground): $8/bag (3 cups)
Eggs: $6/dozen
Garlic chives: $2.50/bunch
Head Lettuce *very limited - order ASAP*: $4.50/head
Mixed field greens: $5/bag
Mustard greens: $4/bag
Bunching onions (aka scallions)$3/bunch
Salad Mix: $5/bag
Winter squash
      Sweet Japanese winter squash: $2/lb
All sales taxes are included. Scroll down for pictures!

To order, email us at with what you'd like by Thursday, April 12, at 9pm. Pick-up will be at 807 Brompton St (off William St, near the Sugar Shack) on Saturday, April 14, between 4-6pm. (Please note the change in time for this week!) 

You're also welcome to pick up your order at the farm in Colonial Beach. If you prefer that, let us know in your email with a preferred time.

Please bring cash or check made out to Blenheim Organic Gardens. We ask for a $15 minimum to your order.

Please bring your own bag so we can reuse our boxes. If you have our old boxes or other containers, we would love to have them back -  this helps us keep costs down! 

Thank you for being part of our farm.

Cameron, Kim, Becky & Lawrence
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