Get your local organic produce through Fxbg Buyers' Club

(Coming soon to Williamsburg!)

As a member of our Buyer's Club, you'll Have access to our best produce. order online, pick up downtown.

Every other week, you'll receive a harvest email with what's available from the farm. It's like a CSA, except you pick what you want, and you pay as you go!

There's no commitment, no requirements, and we'll only email you with our very best stuff. This way, you won't have to fight the market traffic or guess whether we'll be there - just place an order, and pick up your vegetables!

Here's a taste of what you might see in your harvest emails:

(Note: not all these crops grow in the same season!)

       Green bell peppers: $3.50/lb
       Assorted hot peppers (fresh): $4/qt

Onions: $3/lb

       Watermelon: $3.50/bunch
        Daikon: $3.50/bunch
Salsa kits: $6.50 each
       Sungolds: $4/pt
       Artisans: $4/pt
       Slicers: $2.50/lb
       Juliets: $6/qt

Turnips: $3.50/bunch
Winter squash (butternut, delicata, or spaghetti): $2/lb
Zucchini: $2/lb

Asparagus: $6/lb
Beets: $4/bunch
Bok choy: $3/bunch

Cabbage (green): $1.75/lb
Chicory mix (endive, escarole, radicchio): $5/bag
Cucumbers: $2/lb
Eggplant: $2.75/lb.
Eggs (from our friends at Lansdale Farms): $4.50/dozen
Elephant garlic: $3.50/bulb

Field beans & peas (dried and shelled)
    Black beans: $8/lb
    Crowder peas:$8/lb
    Black-eyed Peas: $8/lb

Garlic chives: $2.50/bunch
Heirloom mint: $3/bunch
Mustard greens: $4/bunch


Starting in 2018, we'll be offering a Buyer's Club in Williamsburg, too!